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Causes of Falls on Construction Sites


Published in Workers Compensation on March 22, 2021.

Falls shouldn’t be accepted as a normal risk of employment in the construction industry. Those who suffer this fate and their families deserve compensation for their losses. Talk to an attorney about who might be liable for your or your loved one’s fall today.

Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. Construction workers are by far much more likely to have a fall accident to a lower level than in any other industry. In 2018, out of 1,008 construction fatalities, 320 were due to falls to a lower level.

Sadly, these deaths are easily preventable. Most times, if it weren’t for another person or party’s negligence, the victim would still be alive. Even for those that don’t lose their lives, the injuries they suffer can be severe and life-changing. A dedicated Macon construction accident lawyer can get to the bottom of your fall accident, or that of your deceased loved one. Once liability is determined, your attorney can pursue compensation from them. 

Common Causes of Falls at Georgia Construction Sites

Construction sites create a variety of hazards for everyone who enters or is near them. Workers are especially at risk. Falls often cause injury or death. To determine who is responsible, your Macon construction accident attorney must also determine what caused the fall. Here are the most common causes of falls at Georgia construction sites:

Lack of Proper Safety Equipment

Proper safety equipment must be provided when workers are working from heights. The type of equipment necessary will vary depending on the kind of job. It’s crucial that the job is evaluated and safety equipment is in place before the work begins. When appropriate, employers should:

  • Have guardrails and safety nets in place
  • Provide harnesses 
  • Cover or guard holes
  • Secure ladders 
  • Inspect scaffolding 

Inadequate Training

Workers need training on how to perform their jobs safely. If they don’t receive adequate training, they are at an increased risk for falls and other accidents. This is especially critical for workers who don’t speak English as a first language. These individuals might need a translator or training paperwork in their first language. Many times employers skimp on training to save time and money; however, this can cost lives.

Dangerous Equipment

The equipment supplied to construction workers should be in good working order. They should be maintained and inspected regularly. If ladders or scaffolding are defective or in poor condition, workers can fall, sustaining serious or even fatal injuries.

No matter what caused a fall, the medical treatment needed can be extensive, and you might have lasting injuries. You deserve full benefits or compensation for your medical bills and lost income if you had to miss work following your fall accident. 


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