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    Dublin Truck Accident Lawyers

    Dublin Truck Accident Lawyers

    Georgia has long been a leading state for serious truck accidents. The complex of interstate highways and considerable manufacturing facilities located in and around the south central region of the state make it a prime location for mishaps based on mere traffic congestion between Atlanta and Savannah. This is especially true with respect to the I-85, as Dublin sits squarely in the middle of these two thriving metropolitan areas just off of the main thoroughfare of I-85. When added to this combination is the fact that Georgia is the home for several major trucking companies, it becomes obvious why the state averages over 200 fatal trucking accidents annually. This scenario makes I-85 one of the deadliest truck route corridors in the United States running directly to Florida from the Midwest region of the nation. It also makes it imperative for anyone using the Georgia highways to know beforehand which Dublin Truck Accident Lawyers they would call in the event of being injured in a big truck accident.

    Why Truck Accident Victims Need Aggressive Representation

    Trucking companies and their insurance providers can be ruthless when it comes to defending a truck accident injury claim, especially when multiple vehicles and passengers are involved. Both the trucking company and the insurance adjusters will be quick to conduct their own investigation into the accident, often during the same time the state truck accident reconstruction specialists are performing an official report. Typical victims can be at a disadvantage when this is happening without a comprehensive legal counselor who can also investigate the accident and inspect all of the evidence provided by the state. This is standard accident protocol for both the shipping company and the insurers because they know it can impact the value of any personal injury claim, including additional wrongful death legal action. It is important for all victims of a truck accident to have their own legal team on the scene too crafting a version of events that maximizes their potential damage settlement.

    Financial Damage Potential

    Georgia state law mandates that every big-rig on the road is insured to a minimum of $1 million liability because state officials understand the damage a truck accident can do. Fatalities are common, and long-term or traumatic injury is a regular claim following a truck crash as well. Whole damages in serious cases can reach the maximum easily when wrongful death or catastrophic injury is a component of the claim. Both compensatory and punitive damages could be available when the case evidence indicates gross negligence on the part of the truck driver or the trucking company regarding compliance with safety regulations and operating rules. Product liability claims are also a regular result of trucking accidents when crashes occur because of defective automotive parts. This potential is actually present when any vehicle involved in the crash shows signs of malfunction, such as an exploding air bag in congested traffic on the open road. Not all truck accidents are the total fault of the truck driver, and other parties to an accident are always evaluated for personal contribution to causation, including drivers who are fatally injured. This potential for whole damage recovery is why any trucking accident victim should call Dublin Truck Accident Lawyers as soon as possible before evidence has evaporated that could reveal multiple negligent parties.

    Shared Fault Truck Accidents

    All states use some form of comparative negligence when adjudicating any auto accident. Georgia uses the modified comparative method which restricts injured claimants from receiving damages for the portion of the injury they created by personal fault for causing the crash. The Georgia law sets the bar for any damage recovery at 50% for complete damage denial. In addition, claimants cannot receive compensation from any other drivers who had a lower comparative negligence percentage. Even when damages are allowed, the total available damages are discounted by the comparative fault percentage of the claimant driver. Passengers in vehicles are typically not assessed for negligence, but the percentage assigned to the driver of the vehicle they were in will typically apply as well, further reducing a potential claim.

    Contact Nelson & Smith Dublin Truck Accident Lawyers

    It is clear that truck accident cases are the most complicated and difficult of all accident cases, and reaching an agreement on a fair and equitable settlement will always require an experienced accident attorney with a solid track record of excellent results for their clients. Do not settle for less than you deserve. Call Nelson & Smith Injury Lawyers  in Dublin.