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    Dublin Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyers

    You never realize how serious a slip and fall could be or what a negative impact the negligence of someone else could have on your life. When an employer or property owner fails to take care of their premises or address a hazardous situation, the consequences can be dire. A slippery surface could have major ramifications, causing a severe injury or disability that may last for years to come. If you have been a victim, the legal team at Nelson and Smith will provide you with Dublin Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyers you can trust, helping you to navigate all legal matters, including workmen’s compensation when necessary.

    Your Whole Life Can Change in the Blink of an Eye

    At Nelson and Smith, we understand how unpredictable life can be. A nasty fall can create obstacles in your life, whether you are on the job, on commercial property, or at a private residence. Suddenly, everything is uncertain. You’ve been injured badly enough that you will need medical attention. You may miss work or find yourself losing wages for an extended period of time. In some cases, permanent disability is a possibility after a slip and fall. A long road could be waiting ahead of you as you attempt to take control of your life again after you have been injured. Join an alarming number of others who have faced a similar situation, fearful of how they are going to make ends meet and if they will ever recover.

    Over a Million Americans Suffer from a Slip and Fall Each Year

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have gathered statistical data that points to slip and fall injuries as one of the most common incidents in America with over a million victims falling prey to falls resulting from slippery surfaces on an annual basis. What is of even greater concern is more than 17,000 die. At least 15% of these injuries take place at the workplace. Regardless of where your injury occurred or the extent of your injury, you are likely to be facing:

    • Bills for doctor’s visits, the hospital, and medication
    • The possibility of long-term physical therapy
    • The inability to work
    • Issues with your health insurance
    • Issues with workmen’s compensation
    • Negotiations concerning insurance settlements from the party responsible for your fall

    The entire process can be overwhelming.

    You Need Dublin Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyers with Experience

    When your fall occurs, your first thought is to seek medical assistance. You’ll find that you have a long list of details that must be taken care of after an injury. You need to report the incident to your superiors if it took place at work. If you were on someone else’s property, whether it is a business or a private residence, you need to report what happened and request a claim for the insurance company. You may have financial burdens placed on you by your own insurance company, such as co-pays and costs that are not covered due to your deduction. If you are hurt at work, one of your biggest hurdles will be getting the workmen’s compensation you deserve. Nelson and Smith have been successful in resolving many cases that involve a slip and fall. They can help you to create the best plan of action after your injury.

    The Main Goal is to Get You the Compensation that is Owed to You

    Whether you need to be reimbursed for any expenses caused by your slip and fall or you have been out of work without pay, the team at Nelson and Smith will be looking for answers for you. They will negotiate with your employer, health insurance provider, and legal counsel for the party responsible for your injury. If you have become disabled, your attorneys at Nelson and Smith will fight to improve your quality of life after it has been changed by an injury that was no fault of your own.

    Reach Out to Nelson and Smith Today

    As soon as you are well enough to call, contact legal representatives at Nelson and Smith. Let them go to bat for you when life has knocked you down. A slip and fall may be a bump in the road, but Nelson and Smith will do everything possible to smooth your path. Improving your financial situation is only the beginning.