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How to Deal with a Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

Published in Workers Compensation on September 9, 2019.

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you’ve not only had a frightening, painful experience but you also face uncertainty regarding your ability to continue earning your livelihood. If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, it can leave you feeling hopeless, but that’s not the end of the story – your rights matter. If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, it’s time to consult with a knowledgeable Macon workers’ compensation attorney

Appealing Your Denial

If you’ve been injured at work, but your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, there are important steps that you can take in an effort to appeal this denial. These include:

  • Discuss the matter with the insurer to make sure that a simple error or technical difficulty isn’t to blame.
  • Request that the workers’ comp insurer reconsider your claim (provide the insurer with any additional pertinent information you’ve acquired).
  • Gather, compile, and organize all evidence relevant to your claim, including your medical records and any evidence that demonstrates your injury is, indeed, work-related.
  • Proceed with your appeal by carefully adhering to Georgia’s rules of procedure.

It’s a lot, but your rights and your rightful compensation related to being injured on the job are far too important to leave to chance. Work closely with a skilled workers’ compensation attorney throughout the appeal process.  

Mistakes that Can Trip You Up

Workers’ comp claims are complicated. There are, however, several mistakes on your part that can leave your claim more vulnerable to denial, including: 

  • Exaggerating the injuries you’ve sustained
  • Failing to completely disclose any preexisting conditions or injuries that may be relevant
  • Failing to attend doctor, specialist, or therapist appointments
  • Failing to carefully follow all medical advice
  • Posting compromising or ambiguous photos or blurbs on social media that could taint your credibility.

If your workers’ comp claim has been denied, you need an experienced Macon personal workers compensation lawyer on your side. 

Your Legal Rights

Workers’ compensation insurance provides you with certain important rights that encompass the right to adequate medical coverage, the right to specific wage benefits, the right to seek medical attention from a doctor who’s approved by the company, and the right to seek a second opinion if you believe you need one. The fact is, however, that not every workers’ compensation claim is approved without a significant battle upon appeal. Work closely with your dedicated workers’ compensation attorney to ensure that your rights are well protected throughout the workers’ compensation process. 

If Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Has Been Denied, Consult with an Experienced Macon Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today  

If you’ve been injured on the job, your workers’ comp claim is critical to your ongoing finances and health. If your claim has been denied, the dedicated legal team at Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law in Macon, Georgia, is here to help. Our skilled workers’ compensation lawyers are committed to aggressively advocating for the most positive resolution of your claim. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact or call us at (478) 746-1468 today.