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    Cordele Truck Accident Lawyers

    Most truck crashes cause serious injuries to the passengers in the car or the motorcycle it was involved with because of their size. A commercial truck weighs 20-30 times more than the average automobile, so they require 20-30 times more space to stop. Commercial truck drivers are trained extensively for all types of traffic situations, but typically, it is the smaller vehicles that suffer in large truck crashes.

    The NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that the number of reported fatal truck accidents has risen 17 percent since 2015 to almost 4,000 deaths in 2016. The law firm of Nelson and Smith is a skilled and experienced Cordele Truck Accident Lawyers handling all types of vehicle crashes in the state of Georgia.

    Smaller vehicles are vulnerable to trucks because trucks are taller, have greater ground clearance and a hazardous blind spot on either side. If the smaller vehicle is traveling in a blind spot, they are not seen by the truck driver, so left-hand turns or lane changes can be very dangerous. Always negotiate your vehicle through a truck’s blind spots quickly.

    Though personal trucks are smaller than commercial trucks, they still threaten smaller vehicles. If you have suffered injuries in a truck accident, your Cordele Truck Accident Lawyers should be experienced in all types of vehicle collisions including automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle to be most effective. Trucks rarely are involved in accidents with other truck, so all drivers need to be aware at all times. In over 65 percent of truck accidents in 2016, the drivers of the other vehicle suffered the injury.

    Nelson and Smith are highly reputable personal injury lawyers located in the center of Georgia. Since statutes and laws are defined according to state and federal guidelines, this law firm is in a perfect location for Georgia residents. Our attorneys are aware of the stress and emotional trauma that a crash causes, but we also know that an accident with a truck has multiplied effects on those injured. Our firm has handled thousands of accident cases with successful closure for our clients.

    As skilled Cordele Truck Accident Lawyers, it is our goal to recover 100 percent of the loss you have experienced because of the crash. This includes medical expenses, vehicle damage, time missed from work, extended therapy and even emotional trauma, in some cases. National insurance companies only compensate 60-65 percent of the total loss, so file your claim with them, but schedule a free consultation with Nelson and Smith.

    We believe that you are entitled to 100 percent compensation especially when you have suffered serious injuries. As highly qualified Cordele Truck Accident Lawyers for over 20 years, we represent our clients with expertise and attention to detail in court and in all negotiations.

    At Nelson and Smith, we have compassion for your pain, but fight to recover what is due to our clients. After a serious truck accident, when your entire life has been turned upside-down, we believe we offer a real difference.

    Dedication to your case is of utmost importance and often goes beyond just the legal aspects. We will assist you in finding a qualified medical provider, maintaining your medical bills and dealing with bill collectors until your settlement comes through. We are committed to your well-being and will do whatever it takes to minimize your stress.

    When you are a valued client, our firm is prepared to follow through with extensive preparation and diligence to do whatever it takes to win your case, too. Injury claims often rely on the most intrinsic of details, so, we represent you in a court of law with excellence, after careful investigation, research, and planning that makes the difference.

    Nelson and Smith have developed relationships with many experts in many fields, so rest assured, we are thorough. lf you have been injured in a truck-related crash, we invite you to schedule a free consultation to discuss the details and learn your rights as a Georgia citizen. Our lawyers are compassionate but determined to bring success in the fullest to you and your family.