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    Cordele Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

    Motorcyclists are easily the most endangered motorists on the highways. The typical passenger vehicle operator is primarily concerned with observing four-wheel vehicles while they are driving with little attention paid to alternative transportation, which can be a real problem for bikers. Motorcycle enthusiasts must contend with this issue constantly while riding, often opting to maintain their distance as much as possible or ride in packs so that other motorists are aware they are around. Safety is the ultimate issue for all motorcycle riders because the bike offers no protection at all in the event of a mishap, even including the bike laying down at a slow speed. In addition, many bike accidents also result in the motorcycle actually turning backwards before coming to a complete rest. This is a harrowing circumstance that no biker ever wants to experience, but it is one that happens all too often when negligent drivers fail to provide a duty of care toward two-wheeled vehicles also using the highway. In these cases, is very important to contact an experienced Cordel Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

    Why Injured Motorcyclists Need Strong Representation

    Motorcycle riders are commonly considered the most aggressive motorists on the roadways, and insurance company claims adjusters do not hesitate to exploit every stereotype they can use when defending a motorcycle accident injury claim. Motorcycle enthusiasts can be generally perceived as daredevils who dodge and dart in and out of traffic with little regard for others on the street. However, it is closer to the truth that bikers are actually the safest commuters on the road because they know well that they can suffer severe if not fatal injuries in a moment’s notice when crowded while in transit. It only takes a slight mistake from a passenger vehicle operator to create serious injury to a biker. Insurance companies lawyers always focus on rider behavior. Defenses include:

    Insurance company legal teams are notorious for attacking the rider when a motorcycle accident case goes to court, even when the rider has suffered traumatic or fatal injuries. Motorcycle accident injuries are almost always very serious and create medical issues for the rest of the injured rider’s life. Insurance companies are concerned primarily with reducing or denying a claim and are obligated to protecting their client and company. Paying policy benefits to injured parties are merely a financial responsibility, one that can be avoided when they can deflect over 50% of causation for the accident to the injured claimant. In Georgia, any injured claimant operator who is found to be over 50% at fault for their own injury can be barred from any compensation, which is exactly why it is vital to have experienced and aggressive Cordele Motorcycle Accident Lawyers who will fight insurance company claims of personal contribution by their injured client.

    Potential Damages

    Standard compensatory claims in a motorcycle accident injury case include:

    • Medical Bills
    • Lost Wage Replacement While Recovering
    • Physical Property Damage
    • General Damages

    Pecuniary items with a fixed dollar amount can be relatively easy to calculate, but general damages for pain-and-suffering is the most important part of any accident settlement. This total can be very significant in motorcycle injury cases because of potential for serious long-term injury or even a fatality. Wrongful death claims could also be filed by the estate and immediate family members, which can enhance total financial damages greatly. Punitive damages can also be available in gross negligence accident situations, but punitive damages can only be assigned by a sympathetic jury when the plaintiff attorney can demonstrate the egregious nature of the accident.

    Contact Cordele Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

    It is never a good decision to attempt handling a motorcycle accident injury claim personally because insurance claims adjusters and attorneys understand how to get the upper hand if a case goes to court. Injuries are almost always severe in nature or result in a fatality, both of which will result in the insurance company using comparative negligence as a defense. Always get tried and true Cordele Motorcycle Accident Lawyers who understands how to craft a solid motorcycle accident case for maximum financial compensation. The attorney you choose can make a big difference. Call Nelson & Smith Law Firm for a full free evaluation of your injury case potential.