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What Are The Most Common Causes For Motorcycle Accidents?

Published in Motorcycle Accident on February 1, 2018.

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According to statistics, motorcycles are thirty-five times more likely to be in a fatal crash than passenger vehicles. The thrill and economy of open-air travel on two wheels are dampened by the unique risks associated with motorcycle riding. Drivers traveling on either two or four wheels should be aware of the dangers and this post lists the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Left Turns

An oncoming vehicle making a left turn across their path puts riders at high risk for a motorcycle accident. The diminished visibility profile of motorcycles is without question a contributing factor, but every driver has an obligation to look closely and observe what is there to be observed, regardless of whether it progresses on two wheels or four. Motorcycle riders should pay close attention to the front wheels of automobiles in oncoming traffic as well as turn signals. The wheels will be the first indicator of a turn across traffic. If there is a gap in traffic ahead of the motorcycle, the risks of a left turn increase dramatically.

Lane Changes

When driving on a multi-lane road, motorcycle riders must be attuned to the vehicles adjacent and in front of them. In heavy traffic lane changes often come without a turn signal and can spell disaster for a cyclist. Maintaining circumstantial awareness is critical in this driving environment and motorcycle riders should observe drivers through windows and mirrors as well as looking for turn signals. Drivers typically look over the shoulder before changing lanes and observing this small action can provide the split second of notice needed to avoid a serious injury or fatality.

Parked Cars

Vehicles merging into traffic from roadside parking spots are a danger to cyclists and the motorcycle rider must carefully watch for the telltale signs of people getting into cars and brake lights coming on when they start the vehicle. Additionally, drivers exiting vehicles can put riders at risk by opening doors on narrow roadways.

Unsafe Roadways

Potholes and roads under construction pose a substantially greater risk to a motorcycle than to a passenger vehicle. Cyclists must keep lookout for roadway hazards and debris by “aiming high” in their forward watch while also keeping situational awareness with adjacent and oncoming vehicles.

Unsafe Motorcycle Operations

Motorcycle drivers put themselves, their passengers and other motorists in danger with high-risk maneuvers such as lane splitting, speeding and showboating. Unfortunately, these behaviors cause a lot of accidents and color the opinions of many motorists regarding motorcycle riders as a whole. The lack of safety equipment at the collision buffer offered by passenger vehicles means cyclists should pay more attention to safety than anyone else on the road rather than enhancing the chance of an accident through unsafe driving tactics.

For anyone injured in a motorcycle crash caused by an inattentive driver, consulting with a qualified Macon Motorcycle Accident Lawyers to ascertain options is a no-risk move that can provide substantial dividends. Understanding legal rights is as important as being aware on the roadway. Contact today our experts at Nelson & Smith to schedule a consultation.

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