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ATV Accidents

Causes of ATV Rollovers Published in ATV Accidents on September 20, 2021.

An all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) rollover is when an ATV rider loses control and the ATV has a frontal rollover, side rollover, or rear rollover. Each of these rollover types is dangerous in equal measure and often result in the driver being thrown off the ATV, or worse, being crushed to death. According to US Consumer Product Safety Commission, a federal agency… READ MORE

ATV Rollover Crashes Published in ATV Accidents on March 16, 2021.

ATV rollover crashes frequently cause severe and sometimes fatal injuries. Often, they are preventable, and the negligence of another party contributed to them. Talking with an experienced ATV injury attorney after an accident should be a priority.  Motorsport recreation is common in Georgia, especially in areas where land and space are ideal for dirt bike and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) use.… READ MORE