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Airplane Accident

Common Pilot Errors Published in Airplane Accident on August 16, 2021.

Accidents in the air are considerably less common than vehicle accidents on the ground, but nevertheless, accidents can still happen. Find out how, despite a pilot’s best efforts, flight accidents can still happen and how a Macon aviation accident lawyer can help. Airplanes rank relatively low on the overall totem pole of vehicle accident injuries, but as is the case… READ MORE

Who is Liable When a Plane Crashes? Published in Airplane Accident on January 18, 2021.

While not common, plane crashes can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. When they happen, those who acted negligently should be held liable. A personal injury attorney can help determine who is liable for your accident and work to achieve maximum compensation.  Statistically speaking, it’s safer to travel in an airplane than in an automobile. However, when an airplane accident… READ MORE

Can I Sue for Airplane Turbulence and In-Flight Injuries? Published in Airplane Accident on April 30, 2017.

Every year, thousands of airline passengers suffer various forms of injuries while en route to their destinations. The most common injuries include slips and falls in the airplane aisles, bumps from falling luggage or beverage carts, and other injuries from plane turbulence. Injured people in these situations may be wondering if they have any options for legal action against the… READ MORE

Is the Airline Responsible When Children Fly Alone? Published in Airplane Accident on April 22, 2017.

As the summer travel season approaches, parents are beginning to plan their vacations. Each year, thousands of children travel alone to visit relatives, old friends, and attend summer camps. Though most of these trips go smoothly, there is always the chance that a child will miss a connecting flight or get lost in the busy airplane shuffle. For many parents,… READ MORE