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What to Do After a Workplace Injury

Published in Workers Compensation on August 5, 2019.

Regardless of what kind of work you do, workplace injuries happen, and the workers’ compensation protocol is the same regardless of the field in which you are employed. Understanding the basic procedures can help ensure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled in a timely manner. Workers’ compensation claims, however, are often complicated, so If you’ve been injured on the job, consult with an experienced Macon workers’ compensation attorney today. 

Put Your Health and Safety First

If you’ve been injured at work, make your health and safety your top priority by seeking immediate medical attention. After you’ve taken care of this critical issue, your next steps should follow a fairly straightforward protocol. 

Report Your Injury to Your Employer

If you’ve suffered an injury at work, you’ll need to report the accident within 90 days of its occurrence – but it’s in your best interest to report an injury sooner rather than later. While you have only 90 days to report your injury, you have two years to file a workers’ compensation claim. Two years probably seems like plenty of time, but the full extent of your injuries may be slow to present, and time – as we all know – has a way of flying by.

File Your Claim

All employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, but when your employers file a claim, it costs them. As such, some employers are motivated to fight certain workers’ comp claims. Some employers fight workers’ compensation claims by denying them outright or by not filing them in the first place. Nevertheless, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can file your claim on your behalf. 

Compensation for Medical Treatment

You are entitled to compensation for the medical expenses you incur in the course of your recovery, including compensation for:

  1. Surgeries
  2. Hospitalizations
  3. Care from doctors, specialists, and therapists
  4. Medical supplies
  5. Prescription medications
  6. Prosthetics

Pay Compensation

You are also entitled to compensation for a specified percentage of your average weekly earnings (based on the four quarters preceding your injury). After a seven-day wait period, you will begin to receive compensation pay. If you miss more than 14 days on the job, you will also be compensated for the first seven days you were out. 

The Termination of Your Benefits

Your workers’ compensation benefits will continue until your doctor releases you to return to work – at which time, your benefits will halt. If you disagree with your doctor’s assessment of your health, you can request a hearing on the matter.  

If You’ve Been Injured at Your Workplace, You Need an Experienced Macon Workers’ Compensation Attorney on Your Side

Injuries on the job are common, but obtaining the compensation you’re entitled is often complicated. The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law in Macon, Georgia, are committed to helping you obtain a settlement that allows you to reach your fullest recovery. Our dedicated legal team is here to help, so please contact us online or call us at (478) 746-1468 for more information today. 

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