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What to Do After a Workplace Injury


Published in Workers Compensation on February 22, 2021.

Work injuries can be particularly painful and frustrating. Worries can abound. Who will pay for your medical bills and lost wages? Will you be able to return to your job? Ensuring you take the right steps to receive workers’ comp benefits can help allay some of these concerns.

Employees who suffer an on-the-job injury might be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. If you are an injured employee, the steps you take can significantly impact your eligibility for them. If you don’t take specific actions, you could lose your right to receive benefits under Georgia law.  Contacting a Macon, GA workers comp lawyer is often one of these necessary steps. All workers who are injured while working need to take the following actions.

Get Medical Care

Life or limb-threatening or other severe injuries require emergency medical care. Don’t delay in seeking this care for any reason. Your employer should cover your care as long as a licensed physician saw you. 

If your injury isn’t severe enough to need emergency care or your condition is stabilized, you should then see one of your employer’s approved workers’ comp doctors. Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws obligate employers to give you a list of at least six doctors. You are allowed to choose any of them and can switch doctors one time without obtaining permission first.

Continue to seek medical treatment as long as your doctor advises you to do so. If you stop getting treatment or don’t follow recommended treatment plans, your benefits could be reduced or denied. Those who think they don’t need treatment or are unsure should consult with their physician and their Macon, GA workers comp attorney before stopping.

Report Your Injury

As soon as possible, you will need to report your injury to your employer. Generally, injured workers need to submit a written report regarding the accident to their supervisor or human resources department. To be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, it should be submitted within 30 days of the accident or diagnosis of your injury. Even if your injury seems minor, you should still submit a report to protect yourself or consult with an experienced Macon, GA workers comp lawyer to determine your actions.

Document Missed Work Hours

After missing at least seven days of work, you may be entitled to receive payment for your lost wages under Georgia’s workers’ compensation system. Be sure to document all hours that you miss from your job carefully. Suppose your injuries result in an extended amount of time away from work. In that case, you might be eligible for temporary or permanent disability benefits. If you can’t work as much as you could before your injury, or you can only work at a lower-paying job, you could qualify to receive partial disability benefits.

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