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3 Rules for Hit and Run Accidents


Published in Car Accidents,dui,Evidence,Personal Injury on June 27, 2017.

I was recently asked this question by friend, now client that was involved in a hit and run car wreck:

“I was hit by a drunk driver and he fled the scene. My insurance company found him with the tag number we got and he is telling my insurance company no accident occurred and he is not even talking to his insurance company. I have found the vehicle and even have pictures of the the damage to his vehicle.”

Rules for Hit and Run Accidents

Regardless whether someone is a friend of mine or a new potential client. Concerning situations such as these I have 3 very simple, yet very important rules or steps to follow.

If any of these steps are missing then any claim you may have will be severely limited.


  • First report to the police.

Do not move your vehicle, call the police, even if the other vehicle is not present and you have no real information making a report sets the date, time, and circumstances. This also brings the officer in as a potential witness should the need arise, thus backing your version of events.

  • Second, get the information to your insurance company.

Make sure you let your insurance company know. They will start their own investigation and have a lot of resources at their disposal that many people do not. This again allows you to put down the who, what, when, and any other circumstances.

  • Third if you were injured because of this accident, consult a personal injury attorney.

Being injured in an auto accident is not something you want to handle on your own. While your insurance company may be able help get you vehicle repaired they generally are on the opposite side when it comes to physical injury claims. Having a skilled knowledgeable personal injury attorney is a must in these situations.